Why Dentists Love Water (Mostly)

Why Dentists Love Water (Mostly)It seems like the mantra of summer is “Drink More Water.” Really, you can hardly go wrong adhering to that advice. From a medical standpoint, water is calorie free, easy to obtain, and vital to body processes. Dentists like the fact water has no sugar, and travels with you just about anywhere. Public drinking fountains are in most parks and recreation areas, and refillable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Dentists know that water is a great (and inexpensive) tool in the fight to prevent cavities!

Water Rinses Away Food Particles

Brushing after meals is a good habit, but not always practical. And exactly what makes a “meal”? Does a handful of potato chips, or a crisp apple mean you should go brush? Don’t worry too much about exact definitions. Make time to swish and rinse your mouth after eating. Keeping your mouth clean is a great cavity prevention tool, and it helps keep breath odor to a minimum.

Water Doesn’t Stain Teeth

Many of the beverage we love can gradually discolor teeth over time. Any dark liquid has the potential to leave its traces on your teeth. This doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice or dark colas. When practical, use a straw, to minimize contact with the teeth. You can also sip dark beverage to the back of your mouth. If you are drinking dark beverages, sip water afterwards to rinse your teeth.

Uh-Oh: Bottled Water May Not Have Fluoride

Dentists have many reasons to praise water, but keep in mind that many bottled waters do not have fluoride. With just few exceptions, tap water supplied by a city does have fluoride added. Fluoride bonds with other minerals in your diet, and helps strengthen tooth enamel. Your dentist can apply a fluoride treatment to help supplement fluoride you are receiving (or in the case of bottled water: not receiving) from your general diet.


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