TMJ Dysfunction: 3 Important Details

3asphaltWhen you are starting to notice discomfort in your jaw area, it’s important to come in for a visit. Why? Unfortunately, a disorder known as TMJ dysfunction (TMD) may be affecting your oral health. Though science has not pinpointed one (or a set) of specific causes, we can certainly talk with you about potential stressors or injuries that are contributing to the problem. The problem, of course, that includes inflamed, uncomfortable, malfunctioning jaw joints (or TMJs, short for temporomandibular joints). Ready to learn more about keeping your jaw joints healthy? Let’s get started!

Detail #1: Earlier Treatment Is Better

If you want to do the best thing you can for your oral health, you should come in the moment you’re experiencing some different sensations or discomfort in the area of your jaw joints. You should also, of course, be coming in for preventive visits, during which it’s a good time to mention your concern. The sooner we begin treating TMJ dysfunction, the greater ease with which we can inhibit damage from occurring (and help you enjoy comfortable jaw joints again).

Detail #2: You Could Have Bruxism

You might have bruxism, which is an important factor in treating TMJ dysfunction. Bruxism includes (often as you sleep) the chronic clenching together or grinding of your smile (top and bottom teeth). The problem here is that this excessive movement can strain jaw joints, leading to TMD. Identifying both problems (or treating bruxism before TMD occurs) is essential.

Detail #3: We Offer Treatment

Don’t feel as though you cannot reclaim the life you’re used to! We offer TMD treatment to alleviate the discomfort you’re experiencing. It will also offer preventive protection against injury. Fortunately, we can protect and optimally align the position of your jaws with a mouthguard, which you will wear while you’re asleep, for improvement.


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