Two Ways To Treat Decay

2brightTooth decay damages your tooth to a point that restorative care becomes essential. While you may have some general understanding of decay (like the fact that you’ll end up with a cavity because of it), this doesn’t mean you understand the ways we address the problem. If you thought a cavity was a hole that formed and remained a particular size, think again! Decay is a problem that’s considered progressive, which means it won’t stop damaging your oral health until we stop it. As for how we stop it, let’s explain.

#1: With A Dental Filling

When you’re dealing with the earlier stages of tooth decay, your enamel may be soft in a particular area, you may have a hole in your enamel, or the cavity may have reached the deeper layer of your tooth (called dentin). In instances that are not severe, we can remove the dead tissue, clean away the decay and bacteria, clean your tooth, and then replace the missing tissue. This is the process associated with the placement of a dental filling. If the decay is severe, however, a filling may not be able to address the damage.

#2: With A Dental Crown

When tooth decay turns severe, it can result in a lot of dental tissue loss. When this happens, the cavity can become so large that the placement of a filling will leave your tooth highly vulnerable to sudden breakage. Or, a filling is simply impossible to place. This is when we suggest a dental crown. It’s a prosthetic tooth with a hollow build. After cleaning and preparing your tooth, we will restore it by covering it with the crown. You can then enjoy a tooth that’s whole again and free of decay.


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