Reasons It’s Difficult To Chew (And What To Do)

womanwonderingredAre you doing your best to eat as you usually do but you have noticed that you’re having difficulty chewing? If so, it’s very important to remember that problems with chewing may occur as the result of a variety of reasons. The bad news is that those reasons generally point to an underlying oral health concern. The good news is that we can help (but only if you let us know there’s a problem). Consider what might be going on and the best way to respond.

Why Chewing Is Challenging You

You may experience difficulty chewing for a variety of reasons that are not necessarily connected. You could have physical injury to your smile, a hygiene-related disease, or other problems, resulting in the following:

  • Pain: You may have trouble chewing because of discomfort. This issue is generally brought on by problems like infection, decay, TMJ disorder, or bruxism.
  • Physical Limitations: You may discover it’s difficult to chew because your teeth do not fit together correctly. In most instances, this is the result of misaligned teeth or missing teeth.
  • Bad or Old Dental Work: If your restorations no longer fit (or you received them from another practice that placed them poorly), they can affect your bite balance and lead to chewing difficulty.

What To Do About Chewing Concerns

Schedule a visit, so we may talk with you about your smile, examine your smile, and determine what’s causing you to have difficulty chewing. We can move on from that point by providing you with a precisely crafted care plan to improve your oral health, so chewing becomes comfortable again.


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