4 Expert Tips For A Healthy Smile In 2017

4redWhen the new year makes its appearance, you might have some lofty goals planned for your teeth and gums. It’s a new set of 12 months, which means you can create some goals for yourself and feel as though you’re turning a new leaf (one that includes amazing dental hygiene and attention to preventive care, of course). To help you along on this admirable journey, we offer up some very helpful expert tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts.

Tip #1: Follow Approved Methods

Don’t just brush and floss the way you think is best for your dental hygiene. Brush and floss according to our preventive care suggestions, so you remove as much plaque as possible. Need a refresher? Schedule a visit with us and we will review with you!

Tip #2: Don’t Procrastinate

If you usually look up halfway through the year and realize you were supposed to have scheduled a preventive care visit in January, try to avoid this in 2017. Instead, contact us at your earliest convenience to get everything prepared ahead of time.

Tip #3: Don’t Get Stuck Without Products

Whether you’re traveling and you tend to forget to bring your dental hygiene products along, you often run out of products at home, or otherwise, prepare this year: Gather a travel kit for your preventive care, so you’re ready at a moment’s notice. Try to buy backups of hygiene products, too, so you never run out of toothpaste or dental floss again!

Tip #4: Remain Open To Constructive Criticism

Try to realize when you visit us for preventive care that our goal is to protect your smile. If we make suggestions for improvements, it’s because we see things you don’t. We’re offering help, so your efforts are maximized, while the need for any extra time in our chair is minimized!


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