Bad Breath? Reach For A Tongue Scraper.

womancoveringmouthsweaterIf you’re not someone who brushes your tongue on a daily basis, you may find that you end up with bad breath. Unfortunately, you may attempt to address the problem through all other possible solutions until you realize that the bacteria on your tongue may be the surprisingly simple culprit. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind beginning to brush your tongue, this is the easy solution we suggest. However, if it’s something you avoid at all costs because you just can’t stand the way it feels (and/or you’re not convinced it’s necessary), take some advice from us!

Why A Tongue Scraper?

We suggest a tongue scraper because it’s smooth and, for many patients, much more comfortable that dragging bristles across their tongues. Keep in mind, it’s a personal preference. Scrapers are affordable, available at the drugstore, and are very easy to use.

What Should I Do?

Fortunately, you will just need to drag the scraper along your tongue every day to remove bacteria buildup. Follow the instructions on the packaging and you will find that your smile is much cleaner (and your bad breath goes away) in no time.

Why Is This Important?

You know that you want to get rid of your bad breath but you haven’t made the connection yet between a yucky tongue and yucky breath. Here’s the problem: Bacteria release offensive odors in your mouth. When they accumulate on your tongue (and your teeth), their combined odors result in bad breath. By removing as much bacteria and plaque from your smile as you can, you leave your mouth smelling fresh.


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