Bad Reasons To Skip Dental Cleanings

There’s rarely a good reason to skip a dental cleaning, barring a family emergency or serious illness. Other than that, when you think you have come up with a wonderful excuse to cancel your dental care and do something much more exciting, the chances are good that you’re making a big mistake! To offer you some very helpful insight into the world of showing up for your cleaning visits to make your life easier (and to keep your smile healthy), we review some very bad reasons for truancy!

“My Smile Is Already Clean!”

Of course, you are getting your smile as clean as you possibly can when you brush and floss. However, while you cannot get your teeth and gums any cleaner on your own, there’s still room for them to be cleaner. How to accomplish a cleaner smile? Through your dental cleaning with us! Our professional techniques, our knowledge, our ability to see your entire smile, and our instruments all give us the ability to remove plaque and tartar that you cannot. This isn’t because you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s simply because you don’t have the ability to get rid of every last bit of bacteria or debris. Keep up with professional cleanings to prevent problems.

“I Rarely Get Cavities”

Unless you’re one of the fortunate souls who is immune to the arrival of cavities (you’d know it by now … this is a very small group), then feeling like you have a superpower against tooth decay vulnerability is not going to get you very far. What will happen, unfortunately, is you will end up with tooth decay again and again throughout your life because you’re not allowing us to remove plaque and tartar during dental cleanings. Come in! It’s worth your time.


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