Checkups: Answering Your Questions

Even though dental checkups are an essential part of your dental care, that doesn’t mean you know a whole lot about them. Yes, you know that you should be scheduling them according to our suggestions but it doesn’t mean you have a solid handle on why you need them, what to expect, or whether you can skip one here and there. We’d like to help you feel more informed with a quick session of questions and answers.

Questions About Checkups

Question: What if my smile looks okay, feels okay, and I don’t think I’m having any problems? Can’t I just come in once a year?

Answer: You may certainly choose to come in as frequently or infrequently as you wish. However, to maintain a healthy smile, we always suggest once every six months for optimal preventive care. Otherwise, detecting problems immediately can become difficult (often issues you can’t see or feel happening).

Question: What are you searching for? Just cavities?

Answer: We are looking for signs of tooth decay during dental checkups, this is correct. We are also looking for signs of other concerns, which could include anything from hygiene-related problems to functional related issue (like bruxism).

Question: Are oral cancer screenings something you include in dental checkups?

Answer: Yes! We use advanced technology called VELscope, which allows us to find changes in your mouth’s lining for extraordinarily early detection. It’s comfortable, it’s very fast, and it can help protect you from finding the disease after it has already progressed.


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