Brush Stuff: Important Things You Might Not Realize

You might think you know all there is to learn about your toothbrush. After all, it’s been helping you keep your oral health in tip top shape for as long as you can remember and you’ve had countless brushes, so could there really be a single stone left unturned? As a matter of fact, it’s entirely possible that you haven’t picked up on some very helpful stuff that could turn your dental hygiene sessions even more successful than they already are. Learn more.

It Needs To Fit In Your Mouth

Plain and simple, the toothbrush needs to fit in your mouth! Otherwise, you’re going to have some serious difficulty making it through your dental hygiene and keeping your oral health safe. What happens if you can’t really reach behind back teeth? What happens if you continually cut your gums trying to reach your bristles around the sides of your teeth? You’ll miss plaque, you’ll end up with cavities, and more. If the head of the brush is a bad fit, find a new brush!

It Needs To Fit In Your Hand, Too

Now, let’s imagine you keep dropping your toothbrush because the handle is just too skinny. Perhaps you have a hard time navigating that tooth brush during dental hygiene sessions because the handle is awkwardly shaped. Again, this will present an obstacle to a part of your daily life that should feel like second nature and that can provide easy, effective protection for your smile.

Hard Bristles Can Really Damage Your Smile

A dental hygiene issue that comes up very often: Are hard bristles really bad? The answer is always yes. They will scrape your enamel and may harm delicate gum tissue. Always choose “soft.”


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