Flossing: The 3 Reasons You Need To Do It

When asked if it’s essential to floss to protect your oral health, you will likely answer, “Yes!” After all, you have been hearing this for your entire life. However, that does not mean that you do it, that you understand what makes it essential, or that you’re clear on what might happen if you don’t. As a result, since we are (of course) very passionate about ensuring patients take the time to complete this part of their daily dental hygiene, we would like to share some information with you. More specifically, we encourage you to consider compelling reasons you simply need to floss. If you’re left with any more questions, please feel free to ask us!

Reason #1: To Remove Plaque And Food

Let’s start by getting down to basics. You need to floss as part of your daily and ongoing dental hygiene because it’s the best way to remove plaque from between your teeth (and from the space just beneath your gumline). It’s also an easy way to remove food particles, whether simply to promote optimal oral health or because you’re out and about and don’t want anyone to see you with food stuck between your teeth!

Reason #2: To Protect Your Gum Health

Now, regarding your oral health, let’s discuss the importance of dental floss. When you use it daily as part of your dental hygiene, you’re getting rid of irritating bacteria that make their way just beneath your gumline. If you remove them, your gums remain healthy. If you leave them, plaque accumulates and then hardens. Eventually, inflammation and infection will lead to gum disease.

Reason #3: To Prevent Decay

About that plaque and tartar buildup: It leads to tooth decay, too. Floss daily for optimal care.


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