Reasons You Avoid Visits (And What To Do)

Do you know why you’re avoiding dental visits? Perhaps you aren’t really sure what’s got you feeling so hesitant. Maybe you know exactly why you avoid coming in for care but you can’t come up with any solutions. The bad news is that when you don’t follow through with care, you can end up suffering from devastating oral health issues that require more and more complex care. The wonderful news is that when you face the issue, grab hold of the solution, and begin receiving professional dental treatments, you can rest easy knowing your smile health is in good hands.

Damage Occurred A Long Time Ago

Maybe you broke a tooth or lost a tooth years ago. Perhaps you have assumed for some time that you have a cavity but now the pain has changed and you’re really embarrassed to come in to see us. No matter what’s going on with your smile and oral health at the moment, the best choice you can make always is to schedule a dental visit with us! We will not make you feel bad. Instead, we will physically make you feel better by repairing the damage and we will offer a compassionate approach to getting you situated and back on target with daily habits and long-term goals.

You Don’t Have Dental Insurance

Maybe you don’t have dental insurance, so you make some serious assumptions. First, you assume that you can just do a great job with brushing and flossing (but this simply isn’t enough). Second, you may figure you’ll just wait until you really need care when a problem occurs (but this will prove more expensive than simple prevention). Third, you may assume there’s no way you can pay for it (but we offer financing solutions). Need help overcoming obstacles, so you can take care of your oral health? Call us!


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