Children’s Mouthguard: 3 Suggestions

Does your child wear a children’s mouthguard during sporting events? Is this something you’ve never even considered and you’re sort of surprised it’s flown under the radar for so long? Whatever the case, it just might be time to consider a few suggestions that we have on this topic. Becoming familiar with mouthguards and their significance for your child’s oral health can help you prevent all sorts of problems, so your kid’s smile remains healthy and intact.

Suggestion #1: Get One If Your Child Doesn’t Have One

If your child does not yet have a children’s mouthguard but is active in any type of sports, from team sports to solo, we strongly suggest that you purchase one. Did you know that they can actually help your son or daughter avoid minor injuries like a bitten lip as well as serious injuries, such as knocked-out teeth? Mouthguards are always well worth it.

Suggestion #2: Let Us Check An Existing One

Already a huge proponent of children’s mouthguards? Does each one of your children have one? If so, remember to bring them with you to dental visits. We can make sure they’re in good shape and that they still fit (remember, when teeth fall out and smiles grow, your kids can outgrow a mouthguard and require a new one from time to time).

Suggestion #3: Ask About Your Options

You most certainly have different choices to select from when you’re purchasing a children’s mouthguard for your son or daughter. We will be happy to assist you in crafting a customized mouthguard. We will also be more than happy to direct you toward wise selections that you may purchase from an athletics store. Just ask!

Choose A Children’s Mouthguard To Protect Young Smiles

Speak with us about mouthguards, so you can make sure you’re offering your kids exceptional protection for their smiles when they participate in sports. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.