FAQs: About Implant Crowns

Are you extremely excited about replacing your missing teeth because you have decided that dental implants and implant crowns are the way to go for your smile? Are you just as nervous as you are excited about this choice because you know all about the benefits of implants but you seem to have some questions left over regarding the crowns? We would like to end your hesitation and anxiety with a quick FAQs session! As you will learn, our beautiful crowns will help transform your smile into a functional and beautiful feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is my implant crown going to look like the rest of my teeth? Or, is it going to stand out from the rest of my smile, making it look fairly obvious?

Answer: It will blend in beautifully. We will customize the color to match surrounding teeth. Fortunately, the materials we use are also “lifelike,” meaning they will closely resemble natural tissue for an absolutely believable finish.

Question: Are you going to shape my implant crowns so they fit with the rest of my teeth or will I receive a universally shaped crown that makes my bite feel different than it usually does?

Answer: Of course, will carefully shape your crowns. It is very important that they work with your bite, rather than against it, to promote a healthy smile.

Question: Will the crowns last a very long time?

Answer: Fortunately, your implant crowns can last for many years! If you brush and floss as we suggest and you do your best to see us for your cleanings and checkups, they might last as long as several years to multiple decades!

Ask Questions About Your Implants During Checkups

Keep at the forefront of your mind that your dental checkups are an excellent time to ask about implants, your oral health, and anything else related to your smile. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.