CEREC Crowns: 3 Benefits To Consider

Have you had friends mention CEREC crowns to you? Did you have a hard time believing all of the good things you’ve been hearing but now that you need a dental crown, you would really love for them to be true? Good news: One visit crowns are a real thing. By considering some of the benefits, you will find that they really can make restoring your tooth an easy and relaxing process.

#1: It’s A Very Quick Process

Yes, you have heard it all before! You know that a CEREC crown is known as a one-visit crown. What you don’t know, however, is if this is the case and how it’s possible. The short version: It’s true and it’s possible! The details: We will rely on advanced technology to gather digital impressions. An on-site machine will then mill your custom crown. Once it’s complete, we will place the crown. All in one visit.

#2: Design Is Precise

Yes, the process for your CEREC crown is a precise one. The dimensions, the grooves, the contour, the color: Every last detail will be fully customized to ensure an accurate fit and finish. Again, we rely on this treatment’s advanced technology, which includes special software. Your crown will be made of ceramic for a lifelike finish. You can expect a smile that is restored and beautiful at the end of your visit.

#3: No Temporary Crown Necessary

Not excited about the idea of wearing a temporary crown, while your permanent one is made? Your CEREC crown is your permanent crown, so no temporaries necessary!

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