Lifetime Whitening Q&A: What’s It All About?

Do you love the idea of teeth whitening but you feel a little unsure because you know that eventually, that initial vibrant luster will fade the tiniest bit? Then what will you do, you wonder? Will it be time to start all over with a fresh whitening treatment just to address a tiny bit of discoloration that occurs due to natural wear and tear? Fortunately, you have a very simple solution: Consider our lifetime whitening program! You’ll enjoy dramatic whitening and can then easily maintain that sparkling finish with ease. Have questions? We are prepared with introductory answers!

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I get started with lifetime whitening?

Answer: To begin, you will visit us for an initial home whitening treatment. During this time, we will take molds of your teeth, so we can provide you with take-home, custom trays that fit beautifully over your teeth. We will also furnish you with the bleaching gel that you need for about two weeks’ worth of whitening and a remarkable transformation.

Question: What happens next?

Answer: The trays that we provide for you will continue to be the trays that you will use for your whitening maintenance, thanks to lifetime whitening! You’ll sign our consent and instructions sheet. Make note that while you will be investing in the whitening, you will not pay anything additional for impressions or the custom trays! All you’ll have to do in the future is purchase refills for the bleaching gel.

Question: How can I stay in the program if there’s no extra fee?

Answer: Your lifetime whitening simply requires you to keep up with your smile care. You’ll need to see us twice a year for a cleaning and once for an exam (in addition to one X-ray annually). As long as you see us for your appointments within 30 days of the agreed upon dates, then you’ll remain in the program to keep your teeth white!

Enjoy Whiter Teeth For Life!

Speak with us about our lifetime whitening program, so your smile stays sparkling for good. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.