Digital X-Rays: Really Better Than Conventional?

Have you ever wondered if there’s really much about digital imaging that makes it better for you? You’ve heard it touted from dental practices but you might not know what makes it something to feel excited about. Today, we’d like to review some major benefits, including impressive facts about radiation, to help you form a better understanding (and an improved opinion) about this form of dental technology.

Drastically Reduced Radiation

You may hear frequently that digital imaging emits much less radiation than conventional X-rays. Is this really true, you might ask yourself? It is! The reduction is nearly half the amount when you choose a practice, such as ours, that relies on digital X-rays. This is good news! In addition, for an even more in-depth comparison regarding different types of imaging and radiation output, check out this chart provided by Today’s RDH. You will find that if you ever worried about dental imaging, it releases a very minimal amount of radiation when compared with most types of imaging.

Further Benefits

If you’ve been learning more about what makes our practice green, then you already have a general idea that digital imaging creates far less waste than conventional X-rays. We also like to remind patients that this type of technology allows for the following:

  • A decreased wait time to see your X-rays, as there is no processing time
  • Easier sending between offices (if you need to see a specialist) because we may simply email the digital files
  • A more detailed understanding of your mouth, since we may zoom in on the image or utilize software for accurate case planning

Learn More About Our Dental Technology!

Find out how our modern technology benefits you! If you have questions about digital imaging or otherwise, please ask, so we may explain the details as well as the advantages. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.