Zoom Whitening: Addressing Misinformation

January 30, 2018

As with any treatment, it’s very easy to end up with a mind full of misinformation, rather than spot-on factual data. If you have not yet come to us to ask your questions but have instead relied on outside sources like friends, your great aunt, the internet, or otherwise, well … we encourage you to revisit those inquiries with our help. To get you headed back in the right direction, so you know the truth about Zoom! Whitening, we would like to tackle common types of misinformation, so you begin to paint a much truer picture in your mind regarding what you may expect.

Wrong: It’s The Only Way To Get Dramatic Results

If you discover that you are not a fantastic candidate for Zoom! Whitening or if some other detail comes into play, it’s important that you remember this isn’t the only method through which you may attain dramatic results. Both bonding and veneers can also yield the dreamy, very white smile you were hoping for. Talk with us about your care plan before you assume there’s no other way to deal with stains.

Wrong: It Can Brighten Your Restorations

We cannot brighten up stained restorations with Zoom! Whitening. As a result, if you want to make both your artificial tissue and your real dental tissue brighter (and to achieve a uniform smile), you will need to talk with us about your options for brightening natural tissue and replacing dental work.

Wrong: It Causes Long-Term Sensitivity

It may cause just a little sensitivity right after you receive it. By the next day, you can generally expect everything to feel right as rain again.

Get Your Information Right Regarding Zoom! Whitening

Ask us all about our whitening treatment, so you can feel confident that you have the factual details you need. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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