Your Smile: Let Your Hesitation For Valentine’s Plans Help

Are you someone who loves Valentine’s Day and the romantic celebrations and festivities that come with it? However, is there something about your smile that’s causing you some serious hesitation this year when it comes to making plans and following through on them? Rather than letting such issues ruin your fun, allow them to provide you with the help you need to feel completely fantastic about your smile in the form of dental care hints!

When Your Tooth Pain Hinders Dinner Plans

Maybe you were planning on heading out for a Valentine’s Day dinner but your tooth hurts. As a result, you don’t know what to do. Key into the dental care hint your tooth is sending you: It’s too damaged to eat, so you may require something like a CEREC crown as a repair. What’s this exactly? It’s a dental crown that you can receive in one day, allowing you to get back out into the world quickly with a healthy, stable, beautifully restored tooth.

When You’re Embarrassed By Your Yellow Smile

You may hope for a dinner date in a dark, cozy restaurant so your sweetheart doesn’t notice your yellowed smile! This calls for Zoom! Whitening. It takes just a single dental care visit, yielding a shockingly whiter smile.

When You’re Worried Chewing Your Candy Will Be Difficult

Why are you having trouble chewing your candy that your loved one gives you? Is it because your teeth are sore or your jaws are tired and uncomfortable? This calls for dental care in the form of an occlusal guard. You may be struggling with bruxism (or, teeth grinding or clenching) or TMJ disorder (functional concerns with your jaw joints). Whatever the case, we can help you so that by next February 14th, you’re ready to go!

Let Us Help You Address Smile Concerns

We are here and ready to help you with your smile concerns. See us for preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.