Crowns In One Visit: Why So Exciting?

You may have heard something that seems like a secret revelation (even though it’s available to almost everyone): You can see us for crowns in one visit! This news often seems so exciting and shocking because the traditional way of finding out you need a crown, waiting for the crown, and then receiving a crown can take a couple weeks. Fortunately, you really do have the opportunity to get the entire process completed in just one (yep, one!) visit. Find out why this is something worth jumping up and down about!

Your Daily Eating Won’t Be Interrupted

When you go the traditional route of receiving a dental crown through a process that includes wearing a temporary crown, while a lab creates the restoration for you, you’re not getting the stability you need as you wait. The temporary crown can make eating a bit less simple to achieve, it might fall out, etc. When see us for crowns in one visit, you simply return to your life as usual.

Your Schedule Isn’t Interrupted, Either

Think about the difference between lab-crafted crowns and crowns in one visit. The traditional route has you coming in for impressions, the placement of a temporary crown, and also for the placement of your crown (a week or two later) once we receive it. Your in-one-visit experience lets you accomplish everything literally during one stop at our practice. It might mean the difference between up to three visits as compared to one.

You’ll Feel More Confident

Maybe you find out in the future that you need another crown. Instead of panicking and hunkering down for a lengthy process, you’ll know that all it will take is one visit to see us and your tooth will be fixed. How about that?

Take Advantage Of Crowns In One Visit With Us

See for yourself that you can receive a crown in a single visit and enjoy the benefits that come with it when you schedule care with our team. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.