Let’s Talk: Family Perio Health!

When you start thinking about your family’s perio health, you may find yourself overcome with a sudden rush of concern. Have you been overlooking something all of these years? Should you have been doing something quite specialized to keep the gum health of your family nice and safe? Nope. Not really. Not as long as you’ve been following the general rules and guidelines for dental hygiene and prevention. Need a refresher? No problem!

Everyone Needs To Brush

Yes, of course, you know that your kids need to brush and so do Mom and Dad! However, if you’re not brushing to include your gum tissue, then you’re leaving behind plaque. That plaque will become super-hard (it’s called tartar or calculus). This will all lead toward gum health problems. So, here’s what the family needs to remember: Brush all tooth surfaces and your gumline, too!

Everyone Needs To Floss

You can do an excellent job as a family with your brushing but it’s not enough. Even if you brush your gumline, there’s still stuff stuck between your teeth, whether it’s food or plaque, that works its way down near or just beneath your gumline, where irritation and eventual infection will occur. Keep these areas clean by flossing once a day! It’s an easy way to protect your gum health.

Everyone Needs Cleanings!

Thought that your family time dental hygiene was going to be enough? Well, it’s almost enough but you need one more detail for optimal gum health safety: Your dental cleanings and exams with us. The cleanings remove any plaque you didn’t quite get (or remove tartar that you can’t) and your exams let us know if there’s any gingivitis occurring, so we can nip it in the bud!

Protect Your Family’s Perio Health With Ease

Set up those twice-a-year visits for cleanings and checkups, so you are on top of every last detail associated with your family’s smile health protection. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.