Remnant Project Ministries Food Pantry

It is possible for anyone and any family to go through times of abundance and times of need. As a result, the Remnant Project Ministries provides a Lake Orion Food Pantry to our community to ensure that those facing a time of need are able to enjoy full stomachs. Find out more regarding how to access and reach out to this wonderful community program.

What Is This Organization?

The Remnant Project Ministries provides food to those in need within our community, so that all members of our town receive support when they need it most. The Ministries work solely through donations as well as fundraisers.

How May I Utilize Their Services?

If you would like to access the pantry, you may fill out an intake form for a faster process or you may simply show up (though it may take longer).

Where Are They Located?

The Lake Orion Food Pantry is located at the following:

Community of Christ Church
531 E. Flint Street
Lake Orion, MI 48362

How May I Contribute?

If you wish to contribute to this organization, you may offer a donation, volunteer, donate medical supplies or other goods (including clothes), or even sponsor a drive.

May I Contact This Organization?

You may call (248) 765-2233.

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