When You Need Whitening (And You Need It Now)!

July 31, 2018

Sometimes, patients come in with a general question about whitening because it’s something they’ve sort of been thinking about for a while. However, there are also those moments in patients’ lives during which they really want teeth whitening, they’d really love it now, and all because there’s something just on the horizon that has put some serious pep in their step. Our Lake Orion, MI practice would like to remind you of some of the reasons this may happen, why it’s perfectly okay, and what to do about it when you suddenly realize you need brighter teeth.

Times Your Smile Needs A Quick Transformation

Sometimes, you just need a whiter smile. You don’t need it in a month. You need it very, very soon. Having trouble figuring out a time when you might suddenly be clamoring for teeth whitening in a pinch? Consider the following common scenarios:

  • You are suddenly heading toward picture day with your company but didn’t have much warning (or a big event and you didn’t realize there were going to be photographers everywhere)
  • You have a party, wedding, or other social moment that was thrown together last minute or that you forgot about

The Care We Offer

We offer more than one way to address your smile if you are hoping for teeth whitening. First, remember that we provide Zoom! Whitening when what you actually need is all over whitening for all of your teeth. Don’t overlook, though, that if you’re just suffering from a single stain, one discolored tooth, or something similar, we also offer dental bonding. In this case, we can help you cover up a stain or get your discolored tooth to match the rest of your already white smile.

How To Get Going!

When you’re ready for teeth whitening or other cosmetic care to get your smile to look its best and brightest, start by calling our team up of course! Don’t worry about the fact that you suddenly want a whiter smile. Sometimes life just happens and you hope to find a way to make yourself look more presentable and feel great! It’s just one of the many reasons we provide cosmetic dental care.

Brighten Your Smile Right Away With Our Care

Get the quick whitening you need with our team when you give us a call to schedule a consultation and then cosmetic care. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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