Sleeping: What Do You Need Help With?

August 2, 2018

Are you experiencing some problems with your sleep that, though you never really considered it before, might be something our Lake Orion, MI team can help you with? Whether you’re dealing with snoring or you’re noticing other strange sleep complications, it’s worth running your concerns by us! For instance, don’t forget that the alignment of your jaws, your soft palate, and more may contribute to your ability to breathe freely as you sleep, which means what’s going on in your mouth may very well be getting in the way your otherwise speedy entrance into dreamland. All it takes to learn more is scheduling an oral health visit.

Falling Asleep More Easily

If you’re having trouble going to sleep after you brush your teeth for the evening, there may be some connection between your dental hygiene and your wide-awake feeling. Remember: If you’ve already adjusted to darker lighting (or you’ve fallen asleep for a just a little bit before dragging yourself into the bathroom), your mind knows that it’s nighttime. When you head into a brightly lit bathroom, you might give your mind the impression that you’ve just gotten up for a brand new day. Careful with that lighting! Keep the mood calm with a not-so-bright glow and you may find that heading to bed after caring for your oral health goes back to normal.

Dealing With Snoring

Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t have any actual problems with sleep other than the fact that your chronic snoring is becoming disruptive? Have you tried lots of things (everything on the market and every remedy you can find) but nothing is working out? This might be because what you really need is a professional snoreguard that we can provide for you. Remember: Snoring isn’t about your nose. It’s about the tissues in your throat becoming too relaxed, partially blocking your airways, and then touching as you breathe. This makes a vibration that we hear as a noise (it’s called snoring!). See us soon and we can help you with this oral health related issue.

Get Back To Sleep With Our Help

Talk with us about snoreguards and other tips that will assist you in enjoying optimal oral health and sleep, too. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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