3 Things That You Must Remember About Pain!

One of the last things you want is to recognize that you are experiencing dental pain. When it happens, you immediately think something is probably wrong. However, you may hope that it’s just a fluke and that the sensation will go away. Actually, you may come up with lots of ways to rationalize what’s going on and, even if you think it’s probably time to come in for a visit and likely a treatment, you might not do so immediately. Since discomfort in your mouth is a complicated topic (possibly more complicated than you realize just yet), our Lake Orion, MI team feels compelled to walk you through some details you absolutely must remember when your goal is to maintain a healthy smile!

#1: It’s Telling You To Come See Us

Your dental pain is telling you, practically screaming at you, that it’s time to schedule a dental visit. Why? Does it necessarily mean you’re in serious trouble with your oral health? No, not at all. It means you probably need a treatment to help your smile become better. It could be that you require a restoration because of something like decay. It could mean that you have discomfort due to something like TMJ disorder or bruxism, for which you will need preventive care. No matter what it is, it’s time to see us to find out!

#2: Its Absence Does Not Reflect Perfect Oral Health

You might think to yourself that since your teeth don’t hurt and you’re not experiencing any type of dental pain to speak of, all must be well with your oral health. While it’s always a good sign (and a good feeling) when your smile feels A-OK, it’s not a final answer on your oral health. You may still require our care (something could just be starting to form that will require a treatment). So, how to know when to come in? Every six months for preventive checkups, of course, like always!

#3: Masking It Isn’t A Good Solution

Allow our team to refresh your memory when it comes to masking tooth and other dental pain: Don’t mask symptoms with pain relievers. You may use pain relievers, of course, so you can address the discomfort for the time being, but come in very soon for true care.

See Us For Dental Pain ASAP

When something in your mouth hurts, it means you should come in for a checkup as soon as you can! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.