Winter Holidays 2018: What Do You Need To Schedule Today?

August 30, 2018

We know, we know: We just got through back to school time, we’re about to wave goodbye to summer, and we’re only just beginning to truly approach the appropriate time to begin seeing Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations in the stores (though they’ve been there for a month already!). So, why would our Lake Orion, MI team be suggesting anything having to do with the winter holidays? They’re so far away! Aren’t they? Actually, when you think about them through the lens of dental care, they’re right around the corner. So, today, we ask you: What do you need to schedule?

Plan Checkups And Cleanings Before You’re Booked Up!

Do you tend to have so many things happening by the time the holidays even begin to make their appearance that you often end up putting your dental care off? If the answer is yes, then we encourage you to call us today to set up whatever type of care you require. As a result, every time you check your plans and are about to add even more things to your calendar, you’ll remember to schedule around your smile care.

Make Changes Now Or You’ll Miss Your Chance

There are many ways that you can rely on dental care to make changes to your smile. You might want cosmetic changes. You may need to replace missing teeth. You may need to fix problems like cavities or broken teeth. Regardless of what you need, if you’ve been thinking to yourself that it’s absolutely essential you get changes completed by the holidays, then call now. Don’t wait.

Beat The Crowds

If the last thing you want to add to your holiday schedule is a dental checkup and cleaning (or other form of dental care) for your kids but they definitely need visits, avoid the holidays-are-a-convenient-time crowd and plan for visits right before! Would you like a children’s visit scheduled for October or November? Simply call us to let our team know what will work for you and this is one less thing you’ll have on your plate as you’re prepping for fun winter festivities!

Get Your Holiday Visits Scheduled Now

Whether you need to prepare for holiday time or plan around it, we are here to help you set up visits that work for the dental care you need. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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