2 Ways You Can’t Fix A Cavity (And 1 Way You Can)

September 4, 2018

There are some creative ways you might assume are effective for treating your cavity. Then, of course, there’s a solid solution that can most certainly allow you to say goodbye to your tooth decay and say hello again to your healthy smile. Do you know much about the right and wrong approaches when you’re faced with cavities? If you’re not entirely sure, our Lake Orion, MI team is more than happy to highlight a couple not-so-good options in addition to the method we always suggest! (Hint: It includes coming in for professional care, of course!).

This Won’t Work: Being Better With Dental Hygiene

Our team understands that you might assume you can “heal” a cavity. You might think that you can reverse your tooth decay if you start brushing and flossing really well. Unfortunately, if we have already diagnosed you with decay and the need for a filling, your brushing and flossing can certainly keep the rest of your smile healthy but it isn’t going to repair the damage. You’re already missing some of your tooth tissue that decay has eaten away. Now, what you need is for us to fix that spot, while you continue caring for your oral health!

This Won’t Work: Trying A Home Remedy Or Treatment

We know that you may assume you can take restorative care into your own hands because you hear cool ideas from friends or family members or you’ve ready about DIY (do it yourself) treatments online. While we applaud your dedication to your oral health, we remind you that you aren’t a dentist and that what your cavity needs is a professionally administered treatment. We also need to check out the surrounding area to ensure all other tissues are healthy. Remember, some cavities require fillings but others may require a crown if decay is serious! See us sooner, rather than later, and avoid the urge to try to treat it on your own.

This Will Work!: Seeing Our Team

We think you’ve probably figured this one out already: The one way to treat and fix your cavity is to see our team for a filling or other necessary treatment. When you come in to our practice for a checkup, we can thoroughly examine the tooth in question, recommend and then provide you with the appropriate solution that will end the tooth decay, fix the damage, and send you back home with a fully repaired tooth and healthy mouth.

See Us For Your Tooth Decay Solution Today!

Don’t spend time waiting or attempting to fix your own cavity. Instead, see our team right away for the professional repair your tooth needs! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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