3 Instances You Figure Don’t Require Care (But Really Do)

September 18, 2018

You may find yourself caught up in instances in which you figure that you don’t really need dental care. You figure that it’s not a safe decision. You rely on rationalizations and decide that your belief that a smile that feels healthy doesn’t require any professional care is likely true. You make lots of decisions that cause you to miss out on otherwise extremely important care for yourself. That is, you might feel tempted to do this. However, when you realize it’s always important to seek care if it seems you might require help, you’ll see that calling up our Lake Orion, MI team is going to be to your benefit (just in case you really do need us).

#1: When You’re Pregnant

A lot of patients think that as they discover they are pregnant, this immediately makes them a poor candidate for any type of dental care. In actuality, you become an extremely good candidate! You want a healthy smile because, if your oral health is in decline, your baby isn’t being exposed to your best possible overall health! In addition, certain issues can become worse when you’re pregnant or become more likely (such as gum disease). Keep your mouth healthy simply by remembering your visits with us!

#2: When Your Smile Seems Perfectly Fine

Next, you might think your smile is perfectly fine. It looks okay. It feels good. You haven’t noticed any big changes. It must be healthy, you assume, and as a result, you convince yourself that a cleaning and checkup would not be dental care you could possibly need. However, you do need it! We offer prevention for everyone. When your smile is healthy, preventive care assists in keeping it that way! So, no matter what you think is going on with your oral health, come in for dental care.

#3: When Your Child Still Has Baby Teeth

We frequently learn that patients figure their kids don’t really need dental care either with our team or at home until they’re older. More specifically, until their kids are showing smiles full of permanent teeth. To the contrary, baby teeth must receive excellent care! Their success guides the success of the permanent teeth that are in the process of developing!

Avoid The Urge To Skip Visits And Schedule A Checkup

Even during moments in which you figure you really probably don’t need a routine dental checkup, schedule one anyway! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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