See Us Soon For: Headaches, Jaw Aches, Shoulder Aches, Toothaches

Did you know that if you’re experiencing pain in your upper back, your shoulders, your neck, your jaw, your head, and/or your teeth, this may be a problem related to your oral health? Patients often think of everything else but fail to realize something as simple as a problem with the way your teeth are aligned can lead to some very significant problems and discomfort! Since you should be coming in to see us for your twice-annual dental checkups anyway, we strongly encourage you to either schedule a visit ASAP or mention these symptoms during your upcoming appointment. In many cases, dental treatments from our Lake Orion, MI team offer the solutions you really need.

Why You Have Aches And Pains

Did you know that you may be experiencing pain not only in your jaws and teeth but that it can radiate outward (quite far) into your head (causing headaches), into your neck, into your shoulders, and beyond? So, what’s causing it, you ask, that has something to do with your oral health? Well, remember: You’ve got a serious network of nerves in your head that connect with your jaw joints. When you’re grinding your teeth, clenching them, when things aren’t balanced, etc., you might be causing tension, fatigue, and strain. A problem that seems isolated can result in spreading discomfort. Consider the following:

  • It could be grinding and clenching, called bruxism disorder
  • You might have problems with your jaw joints (TMJ disorder)
  • You may have misaligned teeth that bump against one another or cause you to stress your jaw
  • You might have old dental work that needs to be replaced but that is currently resulting in balance problems, strain, and pain

Why You Should See Us

You should take the time to see us for a dental visit because your aches and pains are not something that you enjoy. Fortunately, they’re something we can help you with. If you don’t come in for a dental checkup, however, you may be overlooking treatable oral health issues that we can so very easily solve!

What We Can Do For You

Remember that our practice provides you with comprehensive oral health care. From teeth replacement to restorative care, TMJ therapy, and more, we are ready to find and fix the concern and ease your discomfort!

Address Aches And Pains With Dental Care

Dealing with aches and pains in your jaw, head, and surrounding areas? Come in to learn more about whether you require dental care to address disorders or other issues for improvement. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.