Bedtime Goals: Did You Check Off Each Item On Your List?

October 30, 2018

There are lots and lots of oral health goals that you may consider throughout your day to day experience. However, one question about your prevention remains: How is your bedtime routine going? Do you have a checklist that you look over each night to ensure you’re doing all that you should for your smile? If not, our Lake Orion, MI team has a quick list compiled for you that you may wish to review on a nightly basis! It will help you feel certain that you’ve got your bedtime goals thoroughly accomplished for your healthiest smile.

Item #1: You’ve Got Your Nighttime Treatment Going

Do you wear an oral appliance because you’re someone dealing with and treating TMJ disorder? Maybe you snore or suffer from sleep apnea, so you’re wearing a mouthguard at night. No? It’s bruxism disorder that’s affecting your smile and that is why you have an appliance? Whatever the case, there’s one thing you must check off of your list to keep your treatment on track: Make sure you’re wearing your treatment once you’re in bed. Consistent care is effective care!

Item #2: You Definitely Brushed Twice and Flossed Once

Your oral health requires a minimum of brushing two times every day and flossing one time every day. Of course, we suggest you space your brushing sessions out, so that you do it in the morning hours and again before you get into bed. As for flossing, you can decide whether it accompanies brushing in the morning or at night. However you arrange this part of your daily schedule, remember this tip from our team: Ensure that by bedtime, you’ve accomplished these goals!

Item #3: Your Nightstand Has No Midnight Snack On It

Do you keep water nearby at night or do you occasionally get up for a drink of water? H2O is always your friend, any time of day, when we’re discussing your oral health. However, once you’ve hunkered down for the night (actually, once you’ve done your final brushing and flossing for the day), then water is the only thing you should consume. If you have a snack on your bedside table, then remember that you should either put it away or be ready to brush again after you eat it!

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