Why Things Are Tasting Strange, Gross, Like Nothing…

October 23, 2018

One of the reasons you love getting your favorite meal (okay, the only reason) is because it tastes so wonderful! The main reason it’s so fun to try new things? Well, foods can taste amazing and that’s one more thing to look forward to enjoying in life! So, when you recognize that something strange is going on with your mouth because foods begin tasting quite different, awful, less fantastic, or sometimes you can barely taste them at all, you know something is up. What is it, though, you ask yourself? Our Lake Orion, MI can offer up some likely possibilities. Of course, if none of them seem to ring true or you’re still unsure, come on in for a dental visit!

Sometimes, It’s Just Shifting Hormones

We remind you that in many cases, specifically during pregnancy, the shifting of hormones may result in things smelling and tasting different. As a result, the foods you used to like or hate may suddenly have new feelings attributed to them. Some women complain of a metallic sensation in their mouth! While this may simply be a side effect that you may have to weather, we encourage you also to come in for a dental visit just to be sure your smile is healthy and safe.

You Might Be Experiencing Dry Mouth

Try drinking some water (like, a lot of water) to see if you just haven’t been keeping yourself hydrated. Or, ask yourself if something else may be contributing to a dry mouth, such as medications that have “dry mouth” listed as a side effect. When saliva levels are down, food flavors change or are harder to detect. Need help with your mouth’s moisture? Come in for a dental visit!

An Oral Health Problem Could Be The Cause

Decayed and infected tissues don’t taste very good much of the time. If this is affecting your mouth, then it may be throwing off your ability to correctly taste and identify food flavors! Since such problems require immediate care (and since you’d really like everything to taste normal again), our team suggests you come in for a dental visit!

Protect Your Oral Health To Protect Your Taste Buds

When you notice a shift in the way foods taste but you cannot seem to resolve the situation, come see our team for oral health care! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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