Our Dental Fillings: 3 Fantastic Facts

In many instances, the very moment that we tell a patient a dental filling is required is the same moment in which we see our patient’s face completely change (often from a smile to a frown). Like many of our patients, you may have a lot of ideas based on old facts that apply to the type of fillings that were once commonly used that we don’t offer at our practice! Nope. There’s no reason for your happy to mood to shift when you discover you require this restoration for your smile. Why not? Well, our Lake Orion team explains that our fillings are modern, safe, beautiful, and accessible. Gather up the facts that support these fantastic details!

Fact #1: Ours Are Free Of Metal

Our dental fillings aren’t amalgam or silver or any type of metal. They are composite. We refer to them as tooth-colored fillings because that’s what they are! Composite is a tint-able material, so it’s going to appear “white” to you. Fortunately, since it’s free of metal, that means it isn’t dangerous for metal allergy sufferers, for little ones (who shouldn’t receive amalgam fillings), and for anyone worried about the potential toxicity of mercury.

Fact #2: Ours Match Your Tooth

One of the reasons we notice that patients become immediately concerned about requiring a dental filling? They think that they’re receiving a metal one and that it is going to further damage the cosmetic value of their smiles! Fortunately, when you receive a filling with our team, there’s nothing in the world to worry about.

Fact #3: You Can Replace Your Old One

Our team reminds you that another fantastic fact regarding our dental fillings is that if you already have a filling, you don’t have to feel disappointed that you’re stuck with it. Say goodbye to your old metal restoration and hello to a beautiful, safe, tooth-colored one when you request a replacement. Worried about possible complications? Don’t be. We rely on a very careful, strategic process to safely remove the old filling, prep your tooth, and provide you with your brand new one!

Get Your Beautiful Tooth-Colored Filling With Us ASAP

When it’s time to address tooth decay, don’t hesitate. The results of our tooth-colored fillings are safe, beautiful, and long-lasting. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.