3 Resolutions For Children’s Dental Care!

No, we aren’t talking about the resolutions your children should make for themselves to ensure they’re better with their brushing and flossing. After all, they’re still learning! Our Lake Orion, MI team would like to talk with you, the parent, about some easy resolutions you can make for 2019 in regard to protecting the oral health of your kiddos. This is particularly helpful if you have any sort of feelings about maybe not being on top of the details throughout 2018 … or if you simply want to feel certain you maintain your usual attention to detail! Whatever the case, take on some new ideas that may help you stay the course in the new year.

#1: Schedule Visits Much Sooner

You might not stress your kids out or put their oral health in harm’s way but you may feel extremely stressed about your kids’ dental care when it comes to checkups and cleanings if you usually procrastinate. Of course, we completely understand how this might happen! You have a million other things to think about and you keep telling yourself you’ll schedule a visit “tomorrow.” Then, of course, tomorrow turns into a week, then a month, etc. Your resolution is easy: Schedule visits in January for the entire year and you’re done with that part of prevention!

#2: Choose Sealants!

If you haven’t brought your children in for dental sealants, not because you don’t want to but because you have questions or you haven’t gotten around to it just yet, then resolve to do so! This is a wonderful plan for 2019. Remember that when you choose to allow us to seal your child’s back teeth (the surfaces used for chewing), you’re giving your child a gift of extraordinary protection against the bacteria found in plaque. Your kids can enjoy prolonged oral health as they brush and floss without having to worry about how difficult it can be to clean those groove-filled chewing surfaces with detailed attention!

#3: Write It All Down

Write what down, you ask? As far as our team is concerned, write everything down that relates to your child’s oral health (and your own, too!). What might you need to record with the written word, you wonder? Perhaps:

  • Visit dates and times
  • Questions you have for our team
  • Products you need to pick up from the store

Bring Kids In For Dental Care In 2019

Come on in for cleanings, checkups, sealants, and more to keep your children’s smiles safe and healthy. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.