3 Reasons You Should Come See Us (At Least Twice A Year)

February 7, 2019

You know that it’s wise to schedule a preventive checkup and cleaning with us twice a year. You know that being in our Lake Orion, MI practice means that in some way, you’re being a good, dedicated patient and that it will probably pay off in regard to your oral health. However, you might not really have a strong grasp of the reasons you should spend time at our practice. What’s so beneficial about one more cleaning (you already brush at home, after all), and having dental professionals check out your oral tissues, you wonder? We’ve got some helpful answers!

#1: We Help You Fix Problems

First things first, you should spend some time at our practice for your checkups and cleanings with us because sometimes, problems show up. When you don’t visit with us, you may not even know you have issues affecting your oral health because you don’t have the know-how and advanced technology to detect them. Or, you’ll know that they are there but, instead of seeking treatment, you end up ignoring them (as they damage your smile). Spend just a couple preventive visits with us each year instead, and we will let you know if anything is up with your oral health. If so, since you’ve been keeping up with care, fixing the issues will be quick and easy. It’s worth it!

#2: We Help You Avoid Problems

Yes, we can certainly help you repair problems that we catch during your cleanings and checkups with us. However, we remind you that for the most part, if you’re sticking to the goal of seeing us twice a year, we are also going to help you avoid them. “But I already brush and floss!” you may say. Actually, complete prevention does include dental hygiene but that’s only one portion. The rest is the part that we provide, which is monitoring your smile and removing plaque and tartar with advanced care (that you cannot provide yourself). Come on in! Keep your smile healthy. You’ll love how easy it is to do.

#3: We Help You Realize Your Best Smile

Now, there’s one more thing you may be overlooking: We can definitely offer you the comprehensive help you require when it comes to keeping that oral health of yours in amazing condition. However, don’t forget that we can also help you realize your best smile. Maybe you want it to look whiter, you wish you didn’t have spaces, or other esthetic issues cross your mind. It’s why we offer cosmetic care! Let us know it’s something you’re considering during a checkup, so we can explore your options.

See Us For Your Best Smile

Come in for dental care from our team, so you may understand best practices for smile care at home, so you may receive prevention, so you may receive any necessary repairs, and so you can enjoy your best smile! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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