Fillings: Why They Make Smile Care So Easy!

When you think about a dental filling and requiring one, the very last thing you might think to yourself is that having to deal with a restorative treatment is easy. You may look at this type of care as an inconvenience. However, our Lake Orion, MI team happens to look at it in a very different light. We find that being able to provide fillings make our patients’ lives so much easier! If you haven’t yet begun to whistle this tune, we suggest you learn more from our unique take on the matter, so you can feel even better about smile care.

We Can Place Them In New, Small Cavities

One of the oft-overlooked benefits of dental fillings is the fact that we can provide them to patients just as soon as decay takes hold! Why is this exciting, you ask? Well, when a cavity begins to form, if we treat it right away, we can save most of your natural tooth tissue, you avoid the symptoms associated with bigger cavities (like pain), and your tooth is good as new right away. This means your tooth is more likely to last and last for many years to come without you having to worry about related side effects.

They Can Prevent So Many Additional Problems

As mentioned, the placement of a dental filling can prevent additional problems. Remember that this is even true when you receive a filling for a cavity that is larger. Removing decay and replacing missing tissue means: Giving the tooth back its structural integrity, so it is less likely to break, allowing you to avoid bacterial intrusion and an infection that may require a root canal and crown, and more!

They Provide A Simple, Quick Yet Beneficial Treatment

You might think that you’re the only person who needs a dental filling (or at least that’s how you feel). Or, you may assume that though this is probably something we offer from time to time, it must not be very common. As a matter of fact, decay is very common as are the placements of fillings. Fortunately, placement of the beautiful, composite fillings we provide is very simple, quick, and highly effective. You will see us for one convenient visit in order to say goodbye to your cavity and hello to a fully restored tooth and oral health that is back in good shape!

See Us For Convenient Fillings

When you experience tooth decay, do not despair! Instead, remember to come in as soon as you can for a checkup and then follow through if you require a dental filling. We offer beautiful, tooth-colored restorations! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.