Dental Tips For The Task Oriented Patient

Are you someone who likes to maintain structure in your life because it makes everything more streamlined? Do you feel that this applies to your dental care, too? If you’re more task-oriented and you enjoy being able to check off accomplishments, review what you’ve done, and ensure you’re on track, then our Lake Orion, MI team has some simple suggestions! Remember, once you figure out an easy method, you can keep it up and keep your oral health safe!

Consider The Daily Check List

We encourage patients who love an analytical, structured way of handling smile care to remember that a good way to consider and practice daily dental care is with the help of a checklist. What do you have on your list for your day’s tasks? While it may include many items, remember that simply adding brushing (twice daily) and flossing (once daily), and any shopping needs you have (perhaps you’re almost out of toothpaste), will make it so easy to keep up with it all!

Keep A Yearly Outlook Going

As you know, your dental care isn’t only about your daily tasks (though, your daily care is certainly the foundation of your ongoing smile protection). In addition to everyday details, it’s also very important to keep up with your annual smile needs. These include, at minimum, two dental cleanings and checkups, scheduled once every six months. You may also require restorative visits for things like cavity repairs. By planning ahead and recording dates with a calendar (and possibly the use of phone reminders), you can stay ahead of care with as much foresight and planning as you wish.

Compare Each Year To The Previous

For a final, metered approach to your dental care, we encourage you not only plan daily and to plan ahead but also to take a look back. When you do so, you can compare one year to the next, determining how well you’re doing. Have you been keeping up with daily care and long-term care in a more successful manner this year, thereby allowing you to maintain better oral health? Consider one year to the next, so you can figure out what works best for you.

Maintain Very Consistent Smile Care

Remember that it’s easy to keep your smile care on track and consistent, especially when you set up a method of reviewing your care. If you are in need of tips that will help you, simply ask us for advice during visits! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.