Don’t Be Deterred By These 3 Factors

April 23, 2019

Sometimes, it takes just one issue to completely deflate your sense of pride and motivation when it comes to your smile care. Our Lake Orion, MI team understands, of course, how you may find yourself stopped in your tracks when you felt you were doing such a good job with prevention. However, we also remind you that it’s best to keep your motivation up! Sure, there may be a bump or two in the road along the way but the more you learn and the more you polish your dental care skills, the easier it becomes to maintain your oral health. Consider common concerns that you should not let deter you.

#1: Cavities

Do not let a cavity deter you from your otherwise immaculate approach to smile care. Does decay mean you might need to tighten up one aspect of your dental hygiene or make sure to come see us for cleanings like clockwork? Probably! However, there’s often more involved, which we can help you uncover when you see us. Remember, everything else about your smile is A-OK and fillings are quick and convenient. Stay the course!

#2: Bad Breath

You may feel extremely annoyed by the fact that you have bad breath, particularly when you’re trying so hard with your smile care. We get it! However, we also remind you that there are many possible problems that are leading to this smelly concern. Rather than becoming deterred and throwing in the towel, come see us for a visit. We can pinpoint the cause and help you, whether you need a treatment or you need a slight tweak to your dental hygiene. Easy!

#3: Unexpected Damage

You’re brushing, you’re flossing, you’re seeing us for dental visits to keep your smile healthy, and all is well in your world. However, then you suddenly experience damage that you could absolutely not see coming! Maybe you were just minding your own business and someone tripped and fell, grabbed onto you for help, but you both went down. Sure enough, you broke a tooth in the meantime! You may feel defeated. After your meticulous smile care, here you are still in need of restorative treatments. While this can certainly prove frustrating, we remind you: Little accidents are few and far between. Once you’re all fixed up, you’ll be back to your healthy smile that you so easily keep healthy in no time. Keep it up!

Keep Your Motivation Up!

When it’s time to brush and floss and see us for dental visits, remember that this preventive approach provides you with amazing smile protection. Need advice or extra care? Just give us a call very soon! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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