How’s Your 2019 Brushing Going?

April 9, 2019

As each brand new year approaches and then begins, everyone has such high hopes and big plans for themselves! When the focus is on dental care, one of the things you added to your list of resolutions may have been better brushing. However, here we are, well into spring, and the question remains: How has your dental hygiene been going in 2019 in terms of your brushing? Have you been on track or do you need a little motivation and a reminder or two from our Lake Orion, MI team? We’re happy to help!

Is It Nice And Gentle?

Of course, our first reminder for your dental hygiene is all about being gentle. Are you brushing gently when you practice your hygiene? Remember that if the answer is “yes” then you’re doing what you should do for thorough cleansing. However, if you’re being quite hard on your dental tissue, it’s time to ease up. Otherwise, you may miss plaque, while accidentally harming teeth and gums!

Do You Have Your Timing And Frequency Down?

You know that one of the major reasons you brush as part of your dental hygiene routine is the fact that you want to avoid problems like dental cavities. However, you also know that if you’re not really brushing enough that you’re not going to be able to keep teeth clean and free of enough plaque to avoid the development of that decay! So, we ask: Are you sure you’re brushing enough and for long enough? Let’s check:

  • Are you brushing twice a day, every day, morning and night?
  • Are you brushing two minutes for each of those sessions, which equals four minutes of daily care?

Are You Onto Your Second Brush For The Year?

Don’t forget that when you want clean, healthy teeth and gums, you need products that aren’t worn out. As for the brushing part of your dental hygiene, this means a brush that’s just as effective as it was when you first opened the package. Translation: Your brush should be only three to four months old (and then it’s time for a new one). As we are currently in April, the fourth month of the year, that means it’s about that time!

How Are You Feeling About Your Products?

If you love or at least like your dental hygiene products, then you’re on track! If not, we encourage you to purchase something new. Liking what you use is a key factor in ensuring you’re happily and successfully brushing!

Review Brushing Habits With Us

Remember that you can always take the time to review your brushing habits with our friendly team during your dental checkups. They’re the perfect time to brush up on dental hygiene details! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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