What Does It Mean When Hot Hurts?

If you’ve ever bitten into an ice cream cone, ended up with brain freeze, and you felt your teeth zinging, you knew it was because of the cold. In some cases, sensitive teeth won’t like exposure to even a little bit of cold. This may seem like common knowledge to you and, should you deal with discomfort, you may already know to contact our Lake Orion, MI team immediately. However, when things that are quite warm or hot bother your smile, you may wonder: What’s happening? Some oral health details may offer insight (and remind you to call us!).

You May Have Gum Disease

You may assume that discomfort associated with foods that are too hot either in temperature or in spice comes from your teeth. However, don’t forget about your gums! If you deal with inflammation or infection associated with gum disease, this tissue can become very sensitive. Fortunately, we offer periodontal care to treat this concern! Schedule a visit with us right away, as gum issues progress quickly.

You Could Have A Sore

From a spoonful of soup to a sip of coffee or even a mildly spicy chip, if heat comes into contact with something like a canker sore, the discomfort can be quite severe! Take a quick glance in your mouth in the mirror to see if you have any obvious abrasions or ulcers. If it’s a canker sore, you can keep your mouth clean, skip hot stuff, and it will clear up. For anything new or unusual, contact us!

It Might Be Infection

Though you may think a tooth infection is going to be extremely obvious, it’s actually the type of oral health issue that often flies under the radar. That is, until you realize hot foods, cold foods, pressure, and just breathing are resulting in a painful tooth. Don’t hesitate when pain arrives. See us immediately, so we may treat any existing infection.

It Could Be Just One Tiny Tooth Opening

Remember that even the smallest opening or fracture in a tooth (often that you cannot see and had no idea was there) can cause serious sensitivity. When you are keeping up with dental checkups and cleanings, we can typically detect this level of damage and offer care, so you don’t end up dealing with discomfort due to shifts in temperature. So, whether you missed your recent checkup or not, contact our team! We’ll investigate, explain what’s up with your oral health, and offer a solution.

Address Temperature-Related Sensitivity

When you recognize that extremes in temperature, such as hot foods, are bothering your teeth and gums, it is time to come in for a checkup. Set up a time and date ASAP to meet with us, so we may help. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.