Let’s Review The Ways You Can Whiten!

When the idea of whitening your smile pops into your head, you may immediately have an idea about what that’s going to entail. First, our Lake Orion, MI team hopes that your plans include professional cosmetic care that you can receive from our practice. When you select professional treatment, you always know you can look forward to wonderful results through care that’s completely safe for your smile. As for the many ways you can achieve a beautifully white grin? Let’s review them (there might be more than you think!).

Remove Daily Surface Stains With Brushing And Flossing

Guess what? If you’re worried about the foods and drinks you’re consuming every day that leave surface stains behind, remember that this is nothing to stress over. When you’re serious about rinsing with water throughout the day and remembering to practice your preventive dental care, you can successfully polish your teeth up. This means keeping teeth white, as you prevent staining with brushing and flossing!

Remove All Over Staining With In-Office Or Take-Home Whitening

When you want to whiten your smile because you’ve moved beyond surface stains and what you have is all over discoloration you cannot address with daily dental hygiene, we remind you: We can take care of that for you with great ease! You even have a couple options. First, you may wish to receive in-office teeth whitening, which will allow you to say goodbye to years of staining in just one visit. Or, you may prefer whitening at home (which will rely on a similar method that you will administer in the comfort of your own space! It takes a bit longer but offers lovely results).

“Erase” Stains With Bonding

What about one stained tooth? What about one stain on your tooth? When you need a magical eraser for particular areas or you want to cover up teeth that won’t respond to traditional teeth whitening, don’t forget about dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment allows us to customize the color of the composite we use and then essentially paint it over stains (revealing an improved, natural finish).

Camouflage Your Grin With Porcelain Veneers

Wish you could cover your teeth up all at once with improved brightness, texture, and uniformity? Getting this type of whiter smile is achievable with porcelain veneers! Learn more about them when you schedule a visit.

See Our Team To Choose A Whitening Option

Take time to consider your different pathways toward a whiter grin when you visit our team for a cosmetic consultation. See us to learn more, as we help you select the treatment that will brighten your smile! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.