Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Your Bruxism

June 20, 2019

When you learn that you have bruxism disorder, you may find yourself feeling lots of emotions! One thing that may happen is you may end up giving yourself a somewhat hard time about the fact that you didn’t pick up on it before we found it. Or, you may have known for some time that something was going on but you didn’t follow through on treatment because it didn’t seem that pressing to you … until now! Whatever the case, our Lake Orion, MI team strongly suggests that you instead take a positive outlook, so you can protect your smile from any additional problems. Consider our reasoning!

Many People Don’t Notice

We know that you feel like the whole world noticed your bruxism disorder but you or you wonder how on earth you could possibly have overlooked something that was literally right under your nose! This is when we remind you that this happens to so many people. It may be because you grind or clench when you sleep. Or, it may be the simple fact that you aren’t voluntarily creating the motions, so you don’t know they’re happening. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, take care of the problem with bruxism treatment!

There’s A Way To Stop Further Damage

As mentioned, we can help you stop further damage, when you come in for bruxism treatment with us. It’s nothing major! Instead, your life will barely change, as you will start wearing a custom-fitted, comfortable mouthguard to bed, which will help control movements and give your teeth the cushion they need!

We Can Even Fix Existing Damage!

Are you dealing with chipped teeth as a result of your bruxism disorder? No problem, we can fix that with dental bonding. Are you dealing with damage that requires more than just cosmetic care? Again, remember that we offer the care you need and that there’s a solution. We offer comprehensive, holistic dentistry to ensure your whole smile is safe and sound!

Extra Stress Makes Bruxism Worse

Don’t forget that letting your stress mount because you feel guilty about your bruxism disorder is actually counterproductive! One of the things you should focus on is finding a way to manage any stress you deal with on a daily basis, so you can let your smile-related muscles relax and so you’re not contributing any further to the potential for straining and exhausting your jaw joints (which causes TMJ disorder). Take a deep breath! You’ll be just fine.

See Us For Helpful Bruxism Treatment

Treat your bruxism disorder when you discover that it is affecting your smile and remember to follow through as you build up an optimistic outlook! By taking a proactive approach, you can regain your smile health and protection. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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