Ask Yourself: What’s Your Whitening Deadline?

What’s your personal deadline when it comes to whitening your smile? Are you hoping to be able to take a look in the mirror and see a reflection with a truly glowing grin for any particular season, event, milestone, etc.? The answer is frequently yes from our Lake Orion, MI patients! Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to forget to get in touch with us, schedule a cosmetic consultation, select a treatment, and follow through by the desired date! So, this is your reminder: Take a moment to think about your timeline goals and then come in ASAP! For now, consider some common deadline examples.

Is It The End Of Summer (Vacation)?

You may call it the end of summer but what you really mean is that you were hoping to get your kids’ smiles all caught up in time for the beginning of school with back-to-school checkups and cleanings, sealants, etc., and that you were hoping to receive teeth whitening in order to say goodbye to the fun break behind you with a grin that’s glowing! This is absolutely a possibility, as long as you contact us very soon! Remember that we offer in-office teeth whitening that takes only about an hour of your time! So, you can meet new teachers, head to back-to-school night, and more without worrying about a stained grin!

Is It The Winter Holidays?

For some, thinking about teeth whitening is one of those things that begins with the New Year and includes getting teeth brightened up by the end of that new year, just in time for winter holiday celebrations (and yet another turning of the calendar to a new set of 12 months). While it may seem like you still have quite a lot of time, we encourage you to come in soon to ensure your smile is ready and so you don’t accidentally procrastinate!

Is It A Major Moment In Your Life?

Maybe it’s something you said you would give yourself for a particular birthday. Perhaps your anniversary is coming up and you and your spouse would both love teeth whitening as a way to celebrate! You may have a family reunion, graduation, wedding, or long list of other events coming your way. Whatever it is, come in soon to meet with our team about cosmetic care and the best way to approach whitening your smile, so you are certain to be ready!

Come In To Brighten Up Your Smile

Consider your personal deadline for achieving a whiter smile and then get in contact with our team in order to be sure you reach your goal! Make use of our comprehensive cosmetic care for improvement. To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.