Gum Contouring: Is It What You’ve Been Missing?

Have you been wondering what to do about the way your smile looks but you can’t seem to come to a conclusion about exactly what’s wrong with your teeth? Perhaps this is because the actual problem that’s causing your esthetic concerns isn’t your teeth at all … instead, it may be your gum tissue that requires attention! Fortunately, our Lake Orion, MI team offers gum contouring to help you dramatically improve the beauty of your smile through the help of cosmetic dental care. Learn more to determine whether this might be just what you need!

Does Your Smile Look Less Than Even?

You may have been under the impression that you were going to require porcelain veneers or even orthodontic care in order to get your smile look more even and balanced. However, when you actually considered the uses of these cosmetic care treatments, you might have realized that they didn’t seem to match your problem. What’s the issue, then? Well, if your gum tissue is not symmetrically distributed throughout your smile, it may create the illusion that all is not exactly balanced. Fortunately, by relying on gum contouring, we can strategically remove tissue in certain areas, so the final result is that beautifully symmetric gumline to give you the appearance you want!

Are You Upset By Your “Gummy” Grin?

You might think that you have short teeth. You may also feel like you have too-wide teeth. What you may be overlooking, again, is the fact that if you have too much gum tissue, then you are simply being misled by an optical illusion. In actuality, your teeth appear short and squatty because over the excessive gum coverage. Guess how we can help you? As you may have already realized, we offer gum contouring to remove the extra tissue, which will then reveal more of your dental tissue. Teeth will look longer (and slimmer), for a more proportionate shape that will harmonize with your face!

How To Move Forward With Care

Maybe you’re not entirely sure that you need gum contouring. Perhaps you are fairly certain but you also think you may require additional cosmetic care to completely reach the finish line in terms of your esthetic goals for your grin. As you may have just realized, what you need to do is sit down with our friendly team during a cosmetic consultation with us! It’s very easy to make this happen. Just pick up the phone, call our practice, explain that you’d like a consultation and why, and we will see you very soon!

Receive Gum Contouring With Us

Come in soon for a cosmetic consultation, during which we can identify the esthetic concerns you would like to address. Collaborate with our team, as we determine how gum contouring will best help you reach your goals! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.