Which Treatment For Your Damaged Tooth?

August 1, 2019

So, what you know for sure is that you have a damaged tooth. However, you aren’t quite certain about which dental care treatment is the right one for your type of damage. Are you going to need a crown, you wonder, for your tooth decay? Or a filling? While sorting out which treatment best suits particular needs can initially feel a bit confusing, we remind you not to feel discouraged! First, remember that no matter what, you’ll need to come in to see us for a final diagnosis and treatment suggestion, so there’s nothing you have to figure out. Next, of course, our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that it’s very easy to get the hang of what’s what!

Just A Chip Or Small Concern?

Your damage is very slight. It’s just a chip or other small concern! If this is the case, then we’re talking about esthetic damage. It’s not severe enough to harm your smile health in any way! However, it’s still something you’d like to address because it doesn’t look good. It may also feel less than pleasant when you run your tongue over something like a small chip. No problem. We can address minor damage with the help of cosmetic dental care (usually in the form of bonding, which allows us to replace that bit of missing tissue).

Dealing With A Cavity?

If it’s a cavity that has damaged your tooth, then you’re missing some tissue. Tooth decay has eaten away some of your tooth, likely leaving you with a hole! In most cases, except for very severe or large cavities, this means you will need dental care in the form of a dental filling! This treatment relies on color-matched composite that fills the opening (after it’s thoroughly cleaned and prepped) for a full tooth that looks healthy again!

Experiencing Significant Structural Damage, Etc.?

Perhaps you have a big cavity and you’re missing a lot of tissue. Maybe your tooth is broken. When a damaged tooth includes severe concerns, the answer is often the placement of a dental crown. Remember that severe damage means a tooth that’s likely to break or end up with a bacterial infection at any moment, so the restorative dental care you need must offer full structural support. By covering your tooth with a beautiful crown, you restore the health, structure, function, and future of your tooth!

Say Goodbye To Tooth Damage

When tooth damage affects your smile, it’s time to come in to our practice to receive the dental care treatment that will repair it! Fix your concern with the appropriate cosmetic or restorative treatment soon! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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