How To Figure Out: When Is It Time For Fillings?

Are you unsure about how you are supposed to know when it’s time for a dental filling? What if it’s not even a filling you need but instead, something else? While you can appreciate the fact that restorations are extremely important for your smile health when you need them, you’re more focused on what it takes in order to receive a timely diagnosis and then follow through with essential care. Fortunately, our Lake Orion, MI team understands perfectly well that this topic seems confusing at first and we are pleased to explain the ins and outs of finding (and addressing) decay!

Come In For A Toothache Visit

The first thing you need to remember about figuring out whether you have tooth decay and require a dental filling (or not) is that if symptoms arise, you should come in to see us. Don’t ever ignore a toothache or any other obvious change with your smile. Maybe you notice that things just feel different. We remind you that this is always a good enough reason to visit our team. When you do, if decay is present (even if it’s just starting to form), we will be able to tell you that it’s there and then offer treatment!

Make Checkups A Top Priority

Now, you may wonder, but what about the fact that you might not be able to feel your tooth decay as it starts? What about the fact that you don’t always develop a toothache with a cavity? This is where your six-month dental checkups and cleanings come into play. When you’re seeing us every six months, it’s consistent enough for us to catch changes (even when you don’t), like decay, and to then offer essential care like dental fillings.

Consider The Details

There may be something about the idea of our team simply telling you that you need a dental filling that doesn’t sit well with you. Particularly if you don’t have any symptoms of tooth decay just yet. What you want is some physical, tangible evidence. Not a problem! Remember that when you visit us for a dental checkup and we detect tooth decay, we will provide you with a variety of visual aids and explanations! While you may not be accustomed to looking at X-rays, we can break down the details, so you can see where your cavity is and better understand why you definitely require treatment!

Receive Required Fillings Right Away 

Come in for regularly scheduled dental checkups every six months or for an additional visit if you experience a toothache! Follow through on the filling we suggest for your tooth and your smile health will be restored! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.