Why You Can’t Identify Cosmetic Care On Friends’ Smiles

You may assume that friends of yours just happen to have perfect smiles. You wonder, how does everyone else that you come into contact manage to maintain such beautifully white, nearly pristine grins, when yours isn’t living up to these high standards? Of course, our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that in many instances, you may be looking at grins that have received cosmetic care. You just cannot tell that they have and, as a result, you’re making some serious assumptions! Consider this as a possibility, as we explain why it’s so hard to identify smiles that have (or have not) undergone treatments!

Whitening Yields Natural Looking Results

You may wonder how your friend maintains such a white smile! You brush and floss and schedule checkups and cleanings with us but your smile doesn’t look nearly as bright! While we remind you that all teeth are different, we also remind you that your friend may have received teeth whitening. However, the results of this cosmetic treatment are natural looking, so it will be impossible to determine whether that’s the answer (of course, unless you ask your friend). Hoping for an equally vibrant grin? Just talk with us about cosmetic care!

Spaces And Dimension Issues Are So Easy To Fix

You may also find yourself wondering how your friends have such exceptionally uniform smiles. Not only do you look around and notice aligned teeth but somehow, many of the individuals around you have no spaces, their teeth are exceptionally even in length and width, and it’s simply lovely to behold! However, you wonder why your teeth are not naturally in such divine condition. Again, it’s probably the result of cosmetic care in at least the bulk of those instances. Remember, bonding can very quickly improve spaces, tooth length issues, chips, and more. Explore your options by visiting us for a cosmetic care consultation.

Veneers Make For Immaculate Yet Genuine Grins

What about your friends whose smiles look like they were replicated from the editorial pages of fashion magazines? How on earth are they achieving such megawatt, glowing smiles that look almost pristine? Well, it might be porcelain veneers. However, again, the results are much more natural looking than you ever thought possible. Want a smile makeover for yourself that will yield a genuine finish? Just come in soon!

See Us For More Info About Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us know if you are itching to better understand the ways in which you may rely on cosmetic dental treatments from our practice to improve your smile, while enjoying exceptionally natural looking results! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.