Receding Gums: What’s Really Going On?

You may have heard of receding gums before and you may have gotten the (correct) sense that this isn’t a good thing. However, as for what’s going on with your gums, should recession begin to affect you, and the why behind this change, you may feel like you’re still very unsure about the details. Of course, since protecting your gum health is one integral aspect of maintaining your optimal oral health, our Lake Orion, MI team would like to help you feel fully knowledgeable about what it means when your gums pull away! As always, should you realize you need our care, it’s time to come in for a dental visit and any required treatment and advice!

You May Have Gum Disease

First and foremost, we want you to remember that if you are seeing gum recession, it’s very possible you are dealing with gum disease. Though it may seem like no big deal to you and something you can address later, it’s important to realize instead that this may be your red flag moment! The recession may be linked to periodontal problems, which occur as gum tissue is exposed to bacteria over time, resulting in inflammation, infection, and what will become tissue destruction. Come in to see us right away for a diagnosis and, if necessary, a periodontal cleaning that will help your gums heal.

You May Be Brushing Too Hard

On the other side of things, we remind you that you may not necessarily be dealing with disease at all. Instead, it may be your attempt at preventing problems like gum disease that is causing the gum recession! We remind you that when you brush, you should be careful and gentle. When you floss, the same is true. When you select products, they should be gentle (as in, soft bristles for your brush and no abrasive dental hygiene products). Otherwise, you may end up essentially attacking your gum tissue, which will recede in response.

Your Hormones May Be Contributing

In some cases, your hormones may be contributing to the development of gingivitis (this is something that becomes more likely during pregnancy, as blood flow to your gum tissue increases). Unfortunately, even if you’re caring for your smile as usual, gum recession may occur and cause some confusion. To keep your oral health in check, come in for a visit, so we can offer you clarity, guidance, and any required care.

Protect Your Gums From Recession 

Keep in mind that there’s a way to protect yourself from gum recession, it’s just a matter of learning more and finding out what your unique smile needs include. Protect your smile by setting up a checkup with us! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.