The Fallout That Comes With Avoiding Your Cleanings

September 3, 2019

Maybe you’re someone who used to keep up with your dental cleanings with our Lake Orion, MI team but you suddenly decided that since your smile has been so healthy, you’re just going to stop scheduling them for a while. Perhaps you were never super dedicated to keeping these preventive care visits on the books! Whatever your unique story includes in terms of this essential part of your smile protection, remember that your checkups and cleanings are just that: Essential. Become more familiar with what happens when you avoid cleanings, so you feel the push of motivation to get serious about them (and so keeping your grin healthy is easy!).

Plaque And Tartar Will Build Up

If you avoid your professional cleaning with us, then your smile will simply not be clean. “But what about the fact that I brush and floss?” you may ask. Well, think of all of these preventive details as pieces of one larger puzzle! If you leave one out, the experience is incomplete. When you practice your dental hygiene like a champion but you skip cleanings, for instance, you are going to end up with plaque that builds up and, as a result, some tartar. The better choice? Allow us to clean your grin to keep it super clean and healthy!

This Will Yield Less Effective Home Care

With that said, remember that a smile with accumulated plaque and tartar is one that’s more difficult to brush and floss. You’re essentially going through your dental hygiene as you’re setting yourself up for partial failure. Sure, you can cleanse what’s still clean and uncovered by super-hard tartar but the areas that are impacted by that tartar are in constant contact with bacteria. When you receive dental cleanings with us, your home care can be at its best!

You Become More Vulnerable To Hygiene-Related Illness

As mentioned, when you’re missing dental cleanings, your home care isn’t optimal, so you’ve got teeth and gums in constant contact with bacteria. This puts you at a much higher risk of developing oral health issues, such as cavity formation, the development of an infected tooth, and gum disease. You don’t want these problems to impact you! Instead, you should follow through with care, so you simply keep your smile healthy.

A Quick Reminder!

Set up your visits with us, even if you feel that your smile is in amazing condition, if you worry that it’s in poor condition, or anything in between. When we see you every six months for your preventive care, you can feel certain you’re on track with keeping your smile in impeccable shape!

Set Up Cleanings With Us Like Clockwork!

Remember to schedule your dental checkup and dental cleaning one time every six months without missing a beat! Keep your professional preventive care on track to promote your best home care and smile health! To schedule a visit for in Lake Orion, MI, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213.

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