Why We Recommend Fluoride and Sealants for Kids’ Teeth

August 27, 2020

A large part of caring for children’s smiles is teaching them how to take proper care of their teeth on their own, at home. However, professional dental care plays an important role in that goal, most importantly for the significance of professional teeth cleaning. In addition to consistently removing oral bacteria from the surfaces of children’s teeth, we also provide several options for addressing any weak links in your child’s dental hygiene routine and strengthening their teeth against the common threat of harmful oral bacteria.

Caring for your child’s tooth enamel

The enamel that surrounds healthy teeth is their first line of defense against the most common threats to their health and integrity, particularly the buildup of harmful oral bacteria. Because of this, preventing such concerns often focuses on strengthening your child’s tooth enamel and preventing excess bacteria from compromising it. This is the main point of sticking to a good hygiene routine, and it’s also the reason why some children can benefit from additional preventive measures, such as fluoride treatment and/or dental sealants, to improve their oral health.

What fluoride does to strengthen it

Your child’s healthy tooth enamel is made up mostly of minerals, such as calcium and phosphate. Fluoride is also a mineral, and when it’s applied to the surfaces of your child’s teeth, it can bond to weakened areas of the enamel to help bolster its strength and integrity. This is especially important if your child’s teeth have become weak to due to overexposure to harmful bacteria and the acids that they can produce. If enamel becomes compromised, it can lead to the formation of a cavity as oral bacteria slip past it and infect your child’s main tooth structure. With fluoride treatment, we can reduce the risks of this occurring and improve your child’s chances of avoiding cavity development.

How dental sealants protect it

Strengthening your child’s tooth enamel is important when it’s become weak, but it isn’t the only solution to helping your child prevent cavities better. For some children, we can also suggest dental sealants, which are biocompatible layers of acrylic that can actively protect your child’s teeth by shielding them from oral bacteria and food particles. Dental sealants can prevent any further erosion of your child’s tooth enamel, giving them more time to strengthen the layer around their teeth before it becomes compromised.

Can your child benefit from fluoride or sealants?

If your child is especially at risk for cavities, then fluoride treatment and/or dental sealants may be a good way to lower their risk and protect their teeth. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.

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