What Happens When You Ignore Crooked Teeth?

If your teeth don’t appear that crooked, then it could be easy to ignore the fact that they are. However, if their misalignment is highly noticeable when you speak and smile, then your hesitation to straighten them may be borne out of something else, such as worry about how your orthodontic treatment might affect your daily life. The good news is that you may be able to straighten your crooked teeth discreetly with the help of custom-designed clear aligners. Today, we explore why that’s important, and why you shouldn’t hesitate to straighten your teeth if they aren’t aligned properly.

They get even more out of alignment

When adult teeth become crooked, it’s often due to an underlying concern that will continue to impact your smile the longer it’s left untreated. This means your teeth can continue to grow further out of alignment the longer it takes for you to address the problem. Your orthodontic treatment may include nothing more than straightening your crooked teeth if you undergo it promptly. If you hesitate, then restoring your healthy smile and bite function could require more extensive oral health treatment, as well.

They become more likely to develop trouble

Tooth misalignment is a problem all by itself, but the fact that your teeth are crooked can also expose them to a wide range of additional risks, as well. For example, teeth that aren’t aligned correctly are more likely to be subject to more intense bite pressure, which can make them more vulnerable to becoming worn down, chipped, fractured, or broken. Crooked teeth also make it easier for harmful dental plaque to develop in places where your toothbrush and floss can’t reach. This buildup is the source of chronic concerns like tooth decay and gum disease, and until you straighten your crooked teeth, your risks of developing such a condition will be significantly higher.

They can negatively impact your bite function

Every time your bite closes, your upper and lower teeth are meant to meet each other evenly and at the same time. This helps the rest of your oral structures maintain proper balance to optimize your bite’s overall ability to function properly. Whether your crooked teeth are visibly noticeable or not, their misalignment can throw this balance off, negatively impacting the other structures that contribute to your bite’s function. This can include your TMJs, or jaw joints, making TMJ disorder more likely the longer you ignore straightening your crooked teeth.

Learn why you should address your crooked teeth

Correcting tooth misalignment is a big deal, and the sooner you choose to do it, the better off your smile and oral health will be for it. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.