Why Dental Restorations Are More Lifelike These Days

September 17, 2020

Unlike cosmetic dental treatments, the main purpose of restorative dentistry is to repair a tooth that’s been damaged or compromised in a way that can lead to more serious oral health problems later. For example, problems such as fractures or breaks in your tooth affect much more than your smile’s appearance, but also the health and integrity of the tooth and others. However, that doesn’t mean your dental restoration shouldn’t be designed to closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth’s appearance. Today, more modern dental restorations are often more lifelike, not just in their appearance, but also in their overall functionality.

The use of more biocompatible materials

The materials used to create a dental restoration play an important role in that restoration’s success. For example, some traditional forms of dental restorations are crafted with metal amalgam due to its heightened durability. However, today’s more popular restorative materials offer more than just durability. They’re also highly biocompatible, which means they can more closely mimic your healthy tooth structure as well as create a minimal impact on your teeth’s health and integrity, as well. For example, metal-free dental fillings can address varying levels of tooth decay while blending in discreetly with the appearance of your healthy tooth structure.

Benefiting from metal-free dental restoration

Using materials that don’t contain any metal is an important part of creating more lifelike and biocompatible restorations. Yet, for some patients, metal-free dentistry is necessary for them to receive the quality dental care they need and deserve. For instance, patients with metal allergies or certain types of medical conditions can safely receive a dental restoration to address their concerns as soon as possible. This gives them a better chance at preserving more of their healthy, natural tooth structure without having to forego essential restorative dental care.

Should you upgrade your current restoration?

Patients who don’t have metal allergies or other preexisting medical conditions, restorations that contain metal have been a common treatment option for years. Because of this, many patients choose metal-free dentistry to upgrade metal restorations they’ve already received. There are several benefits that metal-free restorations can provide, including creating more lifelike results as well as offering more biocompatible treatment for your smile. If you have a metal tooth filling, dental crown, or other dental restoration, then speak with us to find out if you can benefit from upgrading it to a metal-free one.

Learn more about metal-free dentistry

By utilizing more advanced, metal-free restorative materials, we can create more lifelike and biocompatible restorations to address most common tooth concerns. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry in Lake Orion, MI, today at 248-693-6213.

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